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In the BOX ID system, glass and window producers have full control and transparency over their racks

Initial situation

Companies often use transport racks for their deliveries. Glass and window manufacturers use these racks to bring their goods, such as insulating glass or windows, to their customers. They arrive full and return empty. The availability of the racks in this constant cycle is of utmost importance for all parties involved.

  • Racks get lost
  • Racks are mishandled or not returned
  • Racks remain unused in unknown places

Since this can become very costly, Weha-Therm was looking for an accurate management and tracking tool for its rack fleet.

Solution approach

BOX ID has developed a software platform that helps manage returnable transport packaging, creates process visibility throughout the supply chain and reduces the loss of these goods. It offers an end-to-end solution that includes a specialized cloud software platform, IoT tracking devices, and efficient data, device, and user management, including features that provide valuable insights into logistics processes to support automation and process improvement.

Translated with (free version)

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less shrinkage

With BOX ID, you reduce the loss of containers and other mobile assets to virtually zero, on average by approx. 95%.

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less turnaround time

With BOX ID, you can significantly reduce the turnaround times of shuttle packaging, on average by approx. 20%.

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less tied up capital

With BOX ID, you need significantly fewer mobile assets with the same availability, on average about 15%.

BOX ID System​ for Weha-Therm in a nutshell

Weha-Therm uses the BOX ID solution to track racks for flat and insulating glass. The racks are equipped with cost-effective trackers that report the current location and all movements of a rack throughout Europe and transmit them via the global Sigfox 0G radio network.

The battery-powered trackers have a service life of up to seven years and can be installed as a retrofit solution on existing racks. Once the tracker is paired with the rack, the solution can be used within minutes. Tracking, however, is only one of several data sources that can be used by the BOX ID platform.

With the BOX ID Scan app, Weha-Therm adds delivery-specific information to racks to avoid rack misuse and always have deep insight into real-time logistics activities. With the easy-to-use cloud software, Weha-Therm can automate the management of its entire rack fleet, provide valuable data analytics, and gain inventory insights.

Implementation with the help of our partners

We work together with integration partners, software system houses & ERP OEMs. This enables us to offer you, our customers, significant added value for complex integrations of our solution into your data landscape or for specific customizations as well. Feel free to contact us about this.

With our expanding partner and integrator network, we can easily provide global support in cooperation with our strategic value-added resellers. If you are interested in becoming an official sales representative or integration partner, please contact us for a personal discussion.

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