Shipment monitoring

With BOX ID Shipment Monitoring, you can keep track of your critical shipments and consignments in real time, anywhere in the world - across all modalities and carriers.

The challenge of tracking and tracing shipments

Real-time updates

Providing real-time information about the status of a shipment is critical, but not always easy. Delays in updating data can lead to false expectations and customer uncertainty.


Keeping up with the growing volume of data and shipments requires sophisticated systems that can be expanded without compromising performance.

Loss or damage

Loss or damage to shipments is a real threat. It is important to identify and resolve such problems quickly.

Incorrect data

Missing or inaccurate data can lead to incorrect status updates. This can lead to misunderstandings and customer dissatisfaction.

Data volume and analysis

Managing and making sense of the vast amounts of data generated by shipments places high demands on analytics and data management.

Customer communication

Effectively communicating with customers about delays, changes in shipment status, or other issues requires clear processes and technologies.

Track your critical shipments
across all modalities –
whether by truck, rail, air or sea

Verschiedene Transportmittel darunter Schiffe, Lkw und Flugzeuge symbolisieren die Lieferkette von BOX-ID.

Application examples

High-value assets, construction elements, supplies, and components often require end-to-end monitoring in the supply chain process.

Flugzeugtriebwerk auf Prüfstand, Detailansicht der Turbinenschaufeln und Motorkomponenten.

High-quality, critical spare parts

Stay connected and in the loop to minimize downtime through prompt delivery of replacement parts.

Lagerhalle mit offenen Schiffscontainern voller gestapelter roter Fässer auf Paletten für Chemikalien.

Sensitive chemicals

Continuous monitoring ensures quality and safety throughout the chemical supply chain.

Techniker arbeiten an der Gondel eines Windrades, unterstützt durch einen Kran, unter blauem Himmel.

Inflow of components at construction site assemblies

Precise delivery of components at the right time to maximize efficiency on the construction site and prevent downtime.

Gabelstapler lädt Kisten mit frischem Pazifik-Thunfisch in einem Lagerhaus.

Valuable or temperature-sensitive foods

Ensure an uninterrupted cold chain for fresh, quality food every step of the way.

Person hält einen Karton mit Apple-Logo, Barcode und Aufschrift "Manufacturer", "Model", "Serial number".

High-quality electronics

Monitor safe transport and accurate delivery for sensitive electronics where every moment counts.

Holzkiste mit mehreren Flaschen wertvollen Weins, teils offen zum Einblick, auf elegantem Hintergrund.

Valuable wines

Preserve the quality and value of fine wines by carefully monitoring transportation conditions and delivery times.

The solution approach

IoT sensors for worldwide shipment tracking

The IoT sensors from our partner Sensos are true marvels of technology: the form factor of a sticker hides a powerful sensor system that can detect position, temperature, opening and optionally shock worldwide. It can be accessed worldwide via wireless networks using the advanced LTE-M standard. It can also be used on many airlines.

Versandbox-Etikett von Sensos mit Barcode, QR-Code und CE-Zeichen auf türkisfarbenem Hintergrund.
Kartendarstellung einer globalen Sendungsverfolgung mit Temperaturverlaufsdokumentation über den Atlantik.

The answer from BOX ID

Intelligent software for worldwide shipment monitoring

The BOX ID Cloud Software provides comprehensive support for automated tracking of your shipments with IoT sensors. This starts with pairing: the assignment of the shipment to the IoT sensor. For the actual tracking of your shipments, you can define any number of target trajectories against which model-based monitoring takes place. End users or customers can also be integrated via split views.

Smart Shipment Monitoring from BOX ID -
Your real-time tracking for valuable shipments

In a world where every second counts, BOX ID’s Smart Shipment Monitoring offers you a certified and globally deployable solution for seamless shipment tracking. Benefit from:

Diagramm des BOX-ID-Systems für Asset-Management, zeigt Datenerfassung, IoT-Konnektivität, Datenintelligenz und Geschäftswert.
Porträt von Matthias Piekarczyk, lächelnder Mann in weißem Hemd vor unscharfem Bürohintergrund.
Matthias Piekarczyk

Head of Sales

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Implementation with the help of our partners

We work with integration partners, software system houses & ERP OEMs. This enables us to offer you, our customers, significant added value, even with complex integrations of our solution into your data landscape or with specific customizations. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our growing network of partners and integrators, together with our strategic value-added resellers, enables us to easily provide global support. If you are interested in becoming an official reseller or integration partner, please contact us for a personal meeting.

System integration
Radio network
Connected load carriers

Experience in various industries

We have already been able to help over 100 customers in many industries and regions with our system to create transparency and save costs. Automotive, wholesale, glass, health care logistics are just a few examples. Wherever transparency is required in the supply chain, our system generates qualitative and monetary added value. Find out more in our success stories.

In the BOX ID system, glass and window producers have full control and transparency over their racks

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