The right tracking technologies to meet any challenge

There is no one tracking technology, only the best combination for your application – and that is what you get with BOX ID.

Distributed data collection – the way you need it for your processes

With BOX ID, data is captured along your distributed logistics processes via a uniquely broad range of technology and data interfaces. This is the only way to achieve robust process automation with maximum cost efficiency.

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Data origin – where does the data come from?

Based on Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), complemented by cellular and satellite networks, we offer a comprehensive range of leading sensors for networking your logistics assets across multiple locations. Our unique model-based approach also enables you to integrate a wide range of other identification technologies and data sources to ensure the best possible collection and data quality – the only way to automate your process in a robust way.


Low Power Wide Area Networks are wireless networks designed for IoT applications. While traditional cellular networks focus on bandwidth, LPWANs are designed for very low bandwidth data transmission. On the other hand, the communication is very energy efficient. Our LPWAN-based tracking devices can remain battery-operated in the field for many years. They are located throughout the area covered by the wireless network and can collect sensor data.


Depending on the application, it may be necessary to provide finer spatial resolution, e.g., to detect the passage of certain points (gate), the entry and exit of local zones (presence detection), or the loading and unloading of vehicles (vehicle gateway). Depending on the situation, RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are particularly suitable. However, they require a certain local infrastructure of readers or gateways.


Barcode, Datamatrix and QR are highly efficient identification methods. The BOX ID software has its own QR engine that can be used to automate everything related to containers and shipments based on QR codes. All types of mobile devices (Android, iOS) are available as input devices, as they can be used without software installation. We also provide dedicated apps and integrations for specific vendors.

ERP data points

In addition to the sensor data mentioned above, ERP data points are also a source for extracting tracking information or target information for the process. For this purpose, the BOX ID software can receive and process data records such as booking data and loading lists either cyclically or in real time with maximum scaling..

The right combination for your processes

We know that there is no single tracking solution, but rather good and less good combinations of technologies and data sources, depending on the process and application. That is why we are constantly working to improve and expand the device and data source base for the BOX ID solution.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the best solution for your application in the long term. Our sales team will be happy to discuss how this can work for you.

less shrinkage
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With BOX ID, you can reduce the loss of containers and other mobile assets to near zero, on average by around 95%.

less turnaround time
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With BOX ID, you can significantly reduce lead times for returnable packaging, on average by around 20%.

less tied up capital
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With BOX ID, you need significantly fewer mobile assets for the same availability, on average around 15%.

BOX ID software makes data processing easier than ever

The core of our product offering is the BOX ID Data Intelligence Platform. The cloud service is highly available and enables the management and aggregation of any number of mobile tracking devices as well as additional information from other data sources (ERP systems, telematics).

The combined data enables the delivery of business services tailored to your needs. A comprehensive REST API interface allows you to generate any reports and transfer them to other target systems (ERP or TMS systems).

Darstellung der BOX ID Software

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