ERP data points as a dynamic interface

ERP data points

The BOX ID software can receive data from your ERP systems in real time and use it to monitor and control logistical processes. Various mechanisms (cyclical file upload, dynamic API interface) and integrations are available for this.


Booking data, loading lists and other information can be imported from SAP into the BOX ID environment. A dedicated SAP Build application is also available.

MS Dynamics ERP

Booking data, loading lists and other information can be automatically imported from MS Dynamics into the BOX ID environment.


A+W is an ERP provider specializing in the flat glass and window industry. Booking data can be imported automatically from the A+W system.

The right combination for your processes

We know that there is no single tracking solution, but good and less good combinations of technologies and data sources, depending on the process and application. That is why we are constantly working to improve and expand the base of devices and data sources for the BOX ID solution.

In this way, we want to ensure that you can also provide the best solution for your application in a sustainable and long-term manner. Our sales team will be happy to advise you on what this can look like.

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