Connect your business assets with BOX ID

BOX ID makes the flow of goods and containers visible across locations and generates control data for your logistics.

Connect logistics assets with the BOX ID System

Returnable container fleets, material flows, individual shipments and processes can be transparently designed, managed and optimized throughout the supply chain with the BOX ID System.

Digitale Vermögensverwaltung mit Laptop und Handy, die Echtzeit-Daten zu Logistikgütern anzeigen, verbunden mit Box-ID Systemen.
less shrinkage
0 %

With BOX ID, you can reduce the loss of containers and other mobile assets to near zero, on average by around 95%.

less turnaround time
0 %

With BOX ID, you can significantly reduce lead times for returnable packaging, on average by around 20%.

less tied up capital
0 %

With BOX ID, you need significantly fewer mobile assets for the same availability, on average around 15%.

Our solutions for your logistics

Your returnable containers always in the right place at the right time without time-consuming and error-prone manual management
In the plant, at customer sites, or on job sites, managing racks, optimizing usage, or collecting rental fees has never been easier.
Prevention of mispicked shipments. When goods and cargo become one.
Full transparency in the use and rental of swap bodies.
Track and manage kegs for optimal visibility and utilization.
With BOX ID Shipment Monitoring, you can keep track of your critical shipments and consignments in real time, anywhere in the world – across all modalities and carriers.

Our satisfied customers

BOX ID StarterKit

for GPS tracking of mobile assets
595,- per month*
  • 10 tracking devices with triple tracking (by GPS, by WiFi and by radio network triangulation)
  • Flexible cloud software with individually definable geo-zones and asset monitoring functions
  • Flexibility: Expand with additional tracking devices in packs of 100 units.*
  • Option to transfer to permanent use at any time during the contract term.*

BOX ID StarterKit

for shipment tracking
595,- per month*
  • 10 active tracking labels (visible worldwide via LTE-M) for your shipments
  • Flexible cloud software with individually definable shipment histories and monitoring functions
  • Flexibility: Expand with additional labels in packs of 100 units*
  • Option for full deployment during your contract term*.

Experience Our Solution in Action

To see the benefits of the BOX ID system for your logistics in action, book your demo now. Experience how our solution makes your logistics processes more transparent, efficient, and cost-effective.

The company
BOX ID Systems​

BOX ID Systems GmbH was founded in 2018 to provide a cloud service for industrial logistics that uniquely enables the tracking, automation, and optimization of material flows both within sites and across countries.

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