Zero-error commissioning

Prevention of mispicked shipments. When goods and cargo become one.


Wholesale shipping must be highly efficient and error-free. Unfortunately, mistakes often happen here in day-to-day operations. Some goods do not reach their destination. Returning them is usually very costly. Millions of goods deliveries are made by individual wholesale companies every year. Even small percentage picking errors quickly have a major impact. If these errors could be avoided, savings would be directly significant.

Solution approach

The joint solution from ProGlove and BOX ID intervenes directly on the spot where the error occurs. A combination of smart hardware and software makes this possible.

Kommissionierung mit dem BOX ID System
less shrinkage
0 %

With BOX ID, you can reduce the loss of containers and other mobile assets to near zero, on average by around 95%.

less turnaround time
0 %

With BOX ID, you can significantly reduce lead times for returnable packaging, on average by around 20%.

less tied up capital
0 %

With BOX ID, you need significantly fewer mobile assets for the same availability, on average around 15%.

BOX ID System makes zero-error commissioning possible

A joint development by BOX ID Systems and ProGlove for the Würth Group and beyond. Parcels in outgoing goods can be assigned to parcel roll containers and linked to tour data. If the QR codes of the goods and tour containers are scanned with the ProGlove scanner, the system informs by matching whether the goods are assigned to the correct tour. Before the mistake happens, the employee is informed by color indication on his scanner and can prevent the wrong picking in time. The scanning solution is a powerful add-on for applications around outgoing goods and complements the BOX ID returnable packaging solution with significant value added.


Implementation with the help of our partners

The scanning solution was a real team effort of which we are proud. Suitable scanners were supplied by our partner ProGlove, Wanzl took over the project coordination at the customer and BOX ID generated the scan application based on the BOX ID shuttle container solution.

If you are interested in zero-error commissioning for your company as well, please feel free to contact us.

Furthermore, we work together with integration partners, software system houses & ERP OEMs. This allows us to offer you, our customers with complex integrations of our solution into your data landscape or with specific customizations also a significant added value. Please feel free to contact us.

Connected load carriers

Experience in various industries

We have already been able to help over 100 customers in many industries and regions with our system to create transparency and save costs. Automotive, wholesale, glass, health care logistics are just a few examples. Wherever transparency is required in the supply chain, our system generates qualitative and monetary added value. Find out more in our success stories.

In the BOX ID system, glass and window producers have full control and transparency over their racks

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