Glass rack management

In the plant, at customer sites, or on job sites, managing racks, optimizing usage, or collecting rental fees has never been easier.

What are the challenges of rack management?

The BOX ID solution approach

Europe-wide recording of your rack inventories at your own sites and at customers’ or suppliers’ sites. Documentation of all rack deliveries, precise management of rental times and automatic reporting for reminders or calculations.

Glasgestell mit BOX ID Tracking
less shrinkage
0 %

With BOX ID, you can reduce the loss of containers and other mobile assets to near zero, on average by around 95%.

less turnaround time
0 %

With BOX ID, you can significantly reduce lead times for returnable packaging, on average by around 20%.

less tied up capital
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With BOX ID, you need significantly fewer mobile assets for the same availability, on average around 15%.

BOX ID System​ for glass rack management

The core of our product range is the BOX ID Data Intelligence Platform. As a cloud service, it is highly available and enables any number of mobile tracking devices to be merged with additional data sources (e.g. from ERP systems), aggregated and automatically analyzed.

The data prepared in this way offers a high degree of automation functions and online evaluations for the management of your racks as well as reducing the workload on your employees.

Diagramm des BOX-ID-Systems für Asset-Management, zeigt Datenerfassung, IoT-Konnektivität, Datenintelligenz und Geschäftswert.

Additional applications and special functions

We have learned that not everything suits everyone. That is why we also focus on industry-specific additional applications and special functions that generate added value for you directly:

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Implementation with the help of our partners

We work together with integration partners, software system houses & ERP OEMs. This enables us to offer you, our customers, significant added value for complex integrations of our solution into your data landscape or for specific customizations as well. Feel free to contact us about this.

With our expanding partner and integrator network, we can easily provide global support in cooperation with our strategic value-added resellers. If you are interested in becoming an official sales representative or integration partner, please contact us for a personal discussion.

System integration
Radio network

FAQ on glass rack management

Are you looking for efficient management of your glass racks? Then the combination of hardware and BOX ID software is just right for you. Here are some of the questions we are often asked in connection with our glass rack tracking solutions and our system.

Glass racks are holders or transport racks that are used for storing, displaying or transporting glassware (e.g. windows) and large glass or mirror products. They are not only used for their purchase value, but also for inventory monitoring and optimization of entire rack fleets. The aspect of usage-based maintenance can also be a quality management requirement, which is guaranteed by tracking. Another point for our customers is organizational management, especially in the case of extensive storage areas in buildings and on large factory premises, which can be better planned and used by means of tracking.

BOX ID’s specialized glass rack management solution is a software developed to support companies in the entire process of managing transport racks. From organization to tracking and data analysis. The BOX ID system enables efficient and transparent management of your glass transport racks.

The BOX ID system offers companies the following advantages in conjunction with glass rack management:

  1. Efficient rack management: The solution makes it easier to organize and track glass or window racks, resulting in improved overall efficiency.
  2. Reduced losses and theft: Precise traceability of glass racks means that losses and theft can be minimized.
  3. Analysis and optimization: The BOX ID system offers comprehensive data analyses that make it possible to optimize the use of glass racks and identify bottlenecks.
  4. Improved inventory management: With the ability to monitor inventory in “real time”, companies can accurately determine demand and avoid overstocking.

Yes, BOX ID’s glass rack management is customizable. Our software solution can be adapted to your specific requirements and processes. In this way, we ensure seamless and simple integration into your existing company infrastructure.

At BOX ID, we use state-of-the-art technologies for tracking glass racks, from active technologies in the respective networks (LP-WAN, LTE-M) to passive barcode or QR code solutions. These technologies enable accurate and reliable tracking of the racks throughout their entire life cycle.

The security of the data and the system is a top priority for us at BOX ID. The solution implements robust security measures to ensure protection against unauthorized access and data leaks.

The glass rack management system is implemented in close cooperation with you. A team of experts from BOX ID will work with your company to parameterize our solution to best suit your needs (no development effort) and integrate it into your existing infrastructure.

Yes, we offer training and support for our system. Our team of experts supports your staff in using the software and is available to answer any questions or problems you may have.

Experience in various industries

We have already been able to help over 100 customers in many industries and regions with our system to create transparency and save costs. Automotive, wholesale, glass, health care logistics are just a few examples. Wherever transparency is required in the supply chain, our system generates qualitative and monetary added value. Find out more in our success stories.

In the BOX ID system, glass and window producers have full control and transparency over their racks

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