BOX ID connects
your logistics chains

Leverage our scalable and highly available cloud system to deliver outstanding value through powerful analytics and management tools.

Network, analyze and monitor logistics assets with the BOX ID system​

We fuse data directly from your physical carriers with various third party systems (ERP, PPS, MES, etc.) and ad-hoc manual information (WE, QM) to give you a complete overview with this digital twin. This approach allows you to manage a significant number of assets in real time and with minimal resources, optimize processes and even make the data available to additional systems. Multiple applications and functions generate quantifiable benefits for you within a very short time.

Collect data

With the help of various tracking technologies, the data that is relevant for you is collected.

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Process data

The interface between data collection and your systems is our BOX ID software, which can be individually adapted to your needs.

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Use data

No matter what requirements your system has – the connection to the BOX ID software is carried out and customized together with our team.

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Process data easier than ever with the BOX ID software

The core of our product offering is the BOX ID Data Intelligence Platform. The cloud service is highly available and allows to manage and merge any number of mobile tracking devices as well as additional information from other data sources (ERP systems, telematics).

The combined data enables the provision of business services tailored to your requirements. A comprehensive REST API interface allows to generate any kind of reports and to transfer them to other target systems (ERP or TMS systems).

Darstellung der BOX ID Software
Darstellung des BOX ID Systems

Various tracking technologies for your challenges

BOX ID has a wide range of sensor devices, tailor-made for specific requirements. The choice of the appropriate devices can depend on many factors, so the design that fits the application and the quality of the sensor devices used are essential keys to successful rollouts. We work with you to determine the device that best fits your application – technically and commercially.

The perfect interface to the system you need

Special agreements around the cloud service are possible from our side. Mostly, however, they are not necessary at all, because the standard cloud service already covers a lot of needs.
You want to use your own frontend, connect the service to your system via Rest API, or make a special customization? Feel free to contact us.

Aufschlüsselung des BOX ID Systems

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