Messestand von Wanzl mit Rollcontainern und BOX ID-Terminal, Text "Stand 10.128" für Parcel+Post Expo.

Announcement: BOXID and Wanzl Together at the Post and Parcel Expo in Amsterdam, October 24-26!

We are thrilled to invite everyone – potential customers, partners, or simply curious visitors – to explore our unique solutions.

Wanzl, a renowned manufacturer of parcel roll cages, will be represented by Mr. Hubert Zeller. On the BOXID side, Matthias Piekarczyk will be your contact person. Together, they will showcase an advanced combination of hardware and software solutions for managing large load carrier fleets.

Together, we form an unbeatable and indispensable smart product duo that stands out in the market. 🌟

Join us, engage with our experts, and discover how seamlessly and efficiently our product duo can enhance your Supply Chain. We look forward to your visit!

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Matthias Piekarczyk

Head of Sales

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